Educational Philosophy

Teachers’ Tech has an educational philosophy that is aligned with Alfie Kohn’s (2003) assertion that “to be well-educated…is to have the desire as well as the means to make sure that learning never ends” (p.6). We at Teachers’ Tech believe that teachers are responsible for helping to stimulate that outcome—and we seek to empower them with the means to do so within a Constructivist framework. As the leaders and facilitators of educational communication, peace, and cultural understanding, teachers more than ever before face greater challenges in both reaching and providing for a diverse population of learners. In attempting to do so, it is critical that educators are able to span the gaps of time, space, and differing learning modalities and cultures.

At Teacher’s Tech we believe that helping teachers to incorporate technology into their practice is one powerful way to help them do so.  By using creative forms and applications of technology, teachers can learn how to reach learners in ways that best serve their students’ many varied needs as well as enhance their personal teaching style.

Teachers’ Tech is a self-guided online resource that serves professionals in the field of education.  The program is committed to providing high-quality tutorials designed to enhance the quality of education through the use of technology. Participants can join these courses at their leisure and view the information whenever or wherever their time permits.  They will also have the opportunity to view the information an unlimited number of times without any expiration from the day they joined.  The goal is for participants to become experts in different technology uses for education, with the latest strategies that have been effective for learning.

Participants of Teachers’ Tech can learn about technology related to:

•     Assistive Technology
•     Hardware/Software
•     Skype
•     Streaming Video
•     Web Design/Development

Through the use of technology, the potential of education can be augmented in very effective ways.  Technology is prevalent in many sectors of society, and it behooves the education sector to take advantage. Communication, data access, presentations, and many other tasks are made so much more efficient through technology.  Teachers’ Tech is the solution to the educator’s desire to improving their personal education programs.