Interwrite (3 Units)

Interwrite Pad Interwrite Board

Interwrite is technology that incorporates software and hardware to be used in the classroom.  It allows the teacher to deliver instruction digitally.  He or she uses a wireless tablet, also known as the Interwrite pad, to instruct the class.  The pad includes a digital pen for the instructor to write with.  Whatever is written on the Interwrite pad with the digital pen is then transmitted via Bluetooth to a local computer.  The images from the computer are then projected onto the screen for the students to see.  The teacher can also use the Interwrite Board in place of a screen.  This is an interactive board that acts similar to the Interwrite pad.  The teacher has the ability to write or move images with the digital pen.

Interwrite Interface 2

Interwrite incorporates a variety of features including: various colored pens, highlighters, shapes, lines, grid paper, manipulative(s), stamps, and backgrounds.  Interwrite can be used to take snapshots of a variety of images; everything from workbook pages to images gleaned from the Internet.  Once the program has taken a snapshot of the image, Interwrite gives the teacher the ability to write on or around the image.  All the work done from the Interwrite pad can be sorted and saved on different slides. These slides can be referenced as many times as needed and can be saved for future use.  The Interwrite pad provides teachers with the flexibility to move around the room freely so as not to be tethered to a specific area such as a whiteboard or overhead.  As long as the pad is in the hands of the teacher, he or she can be up to 300 feet away from the computer. This enables the teacher to be more accessible to the class and to better assist students.  In the context of lear ning common fractions, technological support of cognitive tools might take over some mundane routines of a task to provide a platform for higher order thinking of learners.

Interwrite Clicker

Another device that is used in conjunction with Interwrite is the Personal Response System (PRS).  The Interwrite PRS is a radio-frequency clicker with a 2-line LCD screen.  Each student is provided with a clicker to keep on his or her desk. The clicker allows students to answer a wide variety of questions in a broad range of formats and record those responses with a click of a button.  Once all the students have answered a given question, a graph is then displayed showing the percentage of students who chose the different answer choices.  The teacher and students can visually see the percentage of the classroom that answered correctly, making decisions on the next level of instruction. This is a fun way to engage students and help them self-assess with their learning.

Interwrite Interface 4

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